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Freelance Content Writer

As a freelance content writer, I help you attract, engage, and grow an audience and convert them into customers.

My name is Paula Jones. I’m a registered nurse and freelance writer on health and wellness.

In the Beginning…

I’m new to the field of nursing but far from new to writing. When it came time to graduate high school, enter college, and choose a major, my dad’s voice echoed in my ears. He always encouraged me to follow my passion. So I chose to study literature.

My main man, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and I dove headfirst into the world of literature and arts, coming out of the other end more “cultured,” as they say. But when I graduated, I dreaded the idea of a life in the cubicle. And I wasn’t keen on teaching youngins either.

I craved an active career with autonomy. And I knew I loved health and wellness. So I set out to get my Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN).

The Tapestry of Life

They say you can’t fully comprehend the beautiful tapestry that is your life until you get distance and perspective. Which was true for me. I had no clue how my two paths could possibly be related. Until I felt the next thread emerge.

At the end of nursing school and after many years of dedication to my writing, I was inspired to create a workshop and eBook for nursing students. But more than that, I created blog posts, YouTube videos, newsletters, email opt-in offers, and social media posts. And I did it for fun.

Finally, I thought, the two paths had merged. And that brings me to today.

Value-Packed Content

As a freelance content writer, I’m here to create value-packed content for you and your audience. I’ve been creating and writing content for more than five years. I absolutely love transforming inspired ideas into valuable content that grows and nurtures an audience and converts them into customers.

And I want to help you attract, engage, and grow your audience with solid content today.

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