freelance health and wellness writerAs a growing business, your plate is overflowing with marketing tasks, all to be done yesterday. Stop letting valuable leads and customers slip away.

Attract, engage, and grow your audience with well-written content by a freelance health and wellness writer.

Choose me to take over all your writing needs.

I’ll write your blogs, articles, newsletters, and social media posts. I’ll also complete web page copy or create email opt-in offers. You don’t need to manage and write all the content. Leave the content writing to me!

Services Offered


Blogging is a crucial component of a business. Blogs educate and inform your audience while directing attention to your products and services. Consistent blogging provides value and builds relationships that lead to paying customers. I write blogs ranging from 500-1000 words in length. And can pop em’ out at least once a week or more. Your choice. If you’re not convinced blogging is for your business, check out these stats.


Articles are similar to blogs, except articles contain research and links to sources and sometimes interviews with quotes. Articles tend to be longer. About 1000-1500 words. In today’s online market, it’s not uncommon to find blog/article hybrids. This possibility exists for you, too.


The possibilities are numerous. Monthly, weekly, or daily newsletters. Drip campaigns (multiple emails sent out over a period of time). Launch/sales newsletters. Newsletters keep your audience informed about company updates, new products, recent blog posts, events, and success stories and testimonials. It’s one more opportunity to get in front of your target customer. What’s more – email generates 40x more leads than social media.

Email Opt-in Offers

You have to have emails to send out newsletters. Capture emails with a compelling opt-in freemium. I’ll research and write a short eBook, video, or audio content. Opt-ins provide targeted value to attract the right audience.

Social Media Posts

As part of a content package, I’ll share recent blogs or articles on social media. I can research interesting posts from sites across the interwebs to share as well. Social media is a way to connect with customers. Over 95% of online adults follow brands on social media.

Web Page Copy

This is self-explanatory. You need a website. You need web page copy. Even if you already have a website, it might need a refresher. That’s where I come in. You’ll want to keep your website up-to-date. I’ll write the website copy for the first time or for the fifth time.

It requires 7-13 touchpoints to deliver a qualified sales lead. Each of these options is a touchpoint. You need to be doing most, if not all, of these content marketing forms to attract, engage, and grow your audience. And you need a freelance content marketing writer to create the content. Check out my portfolio. Or…

Ask me to write