6 Hacks for Better Sleep Tonight #sleep

6 Hacks for Better Sleep Tonight

We’ve all had that night. You go to sleep a bit too late after watching YouTube videos on your phone while you finish your glass of wine and snack on avocado toast and cheese squares.

Or maybe your upstairs neighbors drop bowling balls on the dot at 9:30 pm, 11:00 pm, 1:45 am, and 5:00 am.

Let’s not forget the spotlight glaring in through your bedroom window. Which makes you feel like the grand opening of a Hollywood blockbuster is going on right outside. And Winnifred, your fuzzy Maltese, can’t sit still.

In the morning, you wake up with a harsh glare on your face as you stare yourself down in the mirror. You roll your eyes as you look for something to wear. And you struggle to find the motivation to get in your car to go to work.

But you manage to clamber off to work looking like Friday Night Lights as you chug your third cup of coffee.

Does this sound like you? Or at least some variation on the form? You can’t control everything that keeps you up at night (poor Winnifred). But you can control most of it.

So here are 6 hacks for getting better sleep tonight — and having a better day at work tomorrow.

Cut Alcohol

No more alcohol after 7:00 pm.

Or no more alcohol at all. That’s a hard one to live by but it can add years to your life by adding zzz’s to your night.

While alcohol may help you fall asleep sooner, it ultimately interferes with the quality of your sleep. Rapid eye movement (REM) sleep restores your body the most. But alcohol can disrupt that part of the sleep cycle and cause you to not be as rested the next day. [1]

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Snack Early, Not Late

Similarly, don’t eat after 7:00 pm.

If you do, your digestive system will keep you up all night. And who likes heartburn at midnight? Not you.

What’s more, food can spike your blood sugar right at bedtime. Which can make you feel energized for a short period of time.

Conversely, when it crashes a short time later, your body creates cortisol to help bring your blood sugar back up. And cortisol interferes with melatonin, which is your body’s natural sleep chemical.

Turn Off Screens

Yes, the latest YouTube videos are irresistible. What puppy fumbling over its own paws isn’t?

But your brain doesn’t know screen from the sunshine. And your body won’t either if you keep watching for too long into the night.

Shut off the phone — and TV — at least 30 minutes to one hour before bed.

Damper Sound

So you can’t control the parade that occurs each night above your head. But you can wear ear plugs.

They aren’t the most comfortable things in the world. So wear them long enough to get to sleep, and then nonchalantly knock them out when you’re good and tired.

What can also help is a sound machine, like a white noise machine. Or you can use your phone. It won’t eliminate all the sound but it will help.

Block the Light

Can’t sleep because of the strobe light blasting into your room from the street? You have a good reason. Too much light at night suppresses melatonin production. [2] Which means you don’t get good sleep.

Try blackout curtains. It’s the shift worker’s secret. But you can use it even if you don’t work nights to get extra cozy sleep in a pitch black room.

Soothe Your Senses

Finally, the secret sleep weapon you’ve been waiting for: lavender essential oil.

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Buy yourself a high-quality oil from a reputable distributor (quality matters). And then get an inexpensive diffuser online. Turn that baby on at least 20 minutes before you go to sleep. And soak in the sleepy scent of lavender for a deep slumber.

You’ll wonder where she’s been all your life.

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