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Hi, friend.

My name is Paula. I’m a woman with a deep sense of urgency around the need to write and share about being in the world.

Owning who I am and embodying my unique calling is the journey I have chosen. It’s a soul journey. And sharing my journey with you in words is what we’re doing here. It’s my gift to you. 

Maybe you’ll be inspired to dive deep into your own soul journey, too. And as Rumi says,

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there.”


Read the latest insights on the journey…

You Can Be Healthy and Eat Cake

You Can Be Healthy and Eat Cake I’m not perfect, and I don’t pretend to be (well, at least not right now). I make errors in my writing (grammar, syntax, and the like). I don’t wear make-up all the time. I don’t always have a sparkle in my eye. Sometimes I have bags...

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Nature: The Ultimate Space-holder for Self-Understanding

Nature: The Ultimate Space Holder for Self-Understanding I set an intention a couple of months ago to deepen my connection with nature. And then I forgot about it. Nonetheless, the power of intention has driven me to seek out nature opportunities left and right, far...

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To Be Truly Alive, You Must First…

To Be Truly Alive, You Must First… Yesterday I wandered the land at the edge of Lake Texoma on the Texas side. I came to the land with ideas, perceptions, and judgments. I left schooled on how to listen. First, I thought mostly of my family, who occupy both lands. And...

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