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NextGen RN

NextGen RN offers guidance for incoming and current nursing students who desire an empowered nursing education. NextGen RN values integrity, authenticity, and ambition. NextGen RN provides an open and honest environment that continuously inspires and motivates. I created NextGen RN to reach students on a different level and support their education from a whole new perspective. 

I held a workshop for incoming and current nursing students in August of 2015 called “Student Nurse Prep & Success Workshop: Be A Successful Nursing Student and Have a Life!”. I followed up the workshop with the release of the book, “Smart Strategies for Nursing Students: How to Study, Manage Your Time, and Still Have a Life,” in eBook format, self-published on Amazon.

During the launch, I created and shared several smart strategies discussed in the book through blog posts, videos, and on social media posts on Instagram and Facebook, such as quote images (like this, this, this, or this). I gifted a short booklet for students who signed up on my email list to stay connected with the book’s release.

NextGen RN has been my most recent content marketing endeavor, but now I’m ready to create stellar content that attracts, engages, and grows your audience.


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