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Does Coffee Give You the Runs? 8 Ways to Take Control

Have you ever had your morning cup of coffee and minutes later felt the urge to poop? I know I have. And it’s fairly common. About 30-40% of the population gets this urge [1]. It’s one of coffee’s many superpowers.

Coffee has an effect on rectal tone [2]. Some may think it’s the caffeine that makes you poop. But studies show that decaffeinated coffee drinkers have the same urge to purge [3]. Scientists know that coffee – not caffeine – impact rectal tone, but they aren’t certain as to which physiological factors contribute.

While there’s nothing harmful about taking this natural laxative, you might think it’s a nuisance. Or, maybe you find yourself extra sensitive to these effects – bloating, cramps, and diarrhea – and you wonder how to take control without giving up your cup of liquid gold.

Here are eight ideas for keeping your intestinal motility in check… [Keep reading here]

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