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paula d. jones

I’m a woman with a deep sense of urgency around the need to write and share about being in the world.

I believe we’re at a point in time where we can no longer hide from what it feels like to be in a world in turmoil. We can no longer turn a blind eye to war, greed, materialism, disease, blatant disregard for nature and other human beings, and the complete breakdown of communities.

We are called at this time to see the damages, to face the fear and the pain, and to acknowledge the great chasm between how we are being in the world now and the beingness that is required for us to step into a new reality.   

A new way of being exists. There is a way forward. And each of us carries that way of being within ourselves.

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I have journeyed a long way to discover this path forward. And every day I continue to uncover another step along the way. 

The way forward looks a lot like learning to be more fully myself every single day. Owning who I am and embodying my unique calling is the journey I have chosen. It’s a soul journey.

Bill Plotkin does a great job talking about soul and one’s own unique purpose… 

“By soul I mean a person or thing’s unique niche in the Earth community… So, although soul for me is an ecological concept, the process of coming to know our soul is not an ecological process but a psychological one — and a spiritual one, as well. Embodying or manifesting our soul, in the way I mean this word, is our mature/ adult life purpose, our singular destiny.”

What I love most about the soul journey is that it’s unique to each of us, including you. No one else can be you. And I’m not meant to be anyone but myself. Which is scary and relieving all at the same time.

The soul journey takes courage. It takes stamina, strength and a heck-of-a-lot of love and compassion. You know you’re on a soul journey when you are willing to move fully into the world with sweaty palms, a quivering voice, and maybe a smudge on your face, but, most importantly, with an open heart. 

A soul journey happens when you are daring enough to bring your truest, most innocent self forward and birth her despite the pain. Knowing all the while in doing so you are helping to heal the hurt. 

It’s a process. You set aside beliefs, attitudes, mindsets, emotional gunk, stories, expectations, obligations, programming, and appearances that do not serve you anymore. You step into what life means for YOU. And you step into what you have to offer Life.

You bravely take up who you know yourself to be in this world, even if that means you stick out like a cardinal on a snow-covered branch. 

Now that’s a soul journey. And it’s desperately needed to re-engage the citizens of Earth for a future on this planet that includes us.

When we align ourselves with this new way of being we align to Higher Wisdom and Love. We align with the creative forces of Life. Forces that support a vigorous and vital way forward for humanity.

I’m deep on this journey. And I’m more than happy to help show the way forward. 

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My Story

Here’s a little background to how I got to this point.

I spent a good portion of my childhood playing outside and going to church. We lived in a one-story, four bedroom, two bath home on a street with a cul-de-sac. I could play outside as much as I wanted as long as I finished my homework, was home for dinner, and didn’t go past the light pole on the open end of the street.

In middle school, we moved from my beloved cul-de-sac to a big home in a neighborhood with a name that meant something in a town becoming a city. I lost touch with the very world in which I belonged on the precipice of puberty.

While life was good, I had a family who loved me, food in my belly, and a roof over my head, my teen years were challenging. Our new world drove me indoors, my hormones confined me to my room out of choice and by consequence of being a teenage troublemaker. I felt lonely, disconnected, and misunderstood. A rebel brewed.

Eventually, I found hope in the words of a man long gone – Ralph Waldo Emerson. He taught me first, 

“Trust thyself: every heart vibrates to that iron string.”

In college, these words gave me strength when I took a huge risk. I left school mid-semester and moved to a new city with my beau.

I jumped. And the Universe attempted to soften the landing a bit. But I cracked. I had a hard time handling the consequences of my choices. There I was, away from my family with a boyfriend who wasn’t right for me and no financial stability. I felt stuck.

I pleaded to God for a new way, a better way. Soul came sweeping through with swift guidance. Counter-culture documentaries lead to books with titles like, “The Disappearance of the Universe.” And for the first time, I awakened.

No longer did I see my life through the tiny eyes in my head but from the perspective of the Universe, as though I was peering down on the planet from space. Epiphanies abounded one right after another like a field of blooming poppies in spring.

In a matter of months, my life took on unforeseeable depth and meaning. And my edges rubbed raw as I hit against the limitations of my relationship.

But, he caught me again – Ralph. He struck deep when I heard him say,

“Infinitely alluring and attractive was he to you yesterday, a great hope, a sea to swim in; now, you have found his shores, found it a pond, and you care not if you never see it again.” 


*Explosive sounds.*

He did it again. He was right. I could not and would not grow to my fullest potential if I remained in my relationship and bound by the life that would follow if I stayed.

It took me a year and a half and a wild, other-worldly synchronicity with my current partner to leave the relationship. But I did. And I dove heels over head into the deepest waters I know…

My soul – the core of my being.

Ralph continues to carry me through with these sweet words…

“It is easy in the world to live after the world’s opinion;  it is easy in solitude to live after our own; but the great man is he who in the midst of the crowd keeps with perfect sweetness the independence of solitude.”

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What you’ll find in the pages of this website is my soul’s journey in words. You ‘ll find stories on the path as I continue to pave the way toward a reality – a way of being in the world – that honors, respects, and reveres all of Life in its totality.

As I receive inspiration, weave through the psyche, connect with nature, and ground into our shared human experience, I’ll funnel my wisdom and insight into words. 

I know, without doubt, that there is a way to be in the world despite the tremendous difficulties and differences we face. A way of being that heals, mends, and nurtures. A way that encourages new Life. This is my gift to you. 

Follow me this way,

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