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5 Daily Decisions to Make with Your Intuition

As a nurse, I work three twelve hour shifts a week and have four days off. Sometimes I’ll pick up extra shifts or attend meetings on other days. When I’m not working, my days off are filled with most of the same activities like chores, errands, writing, rest, friends, or exercise. But even though I do pretty much the same stuff I always go about my day in different ways by following my intuition.

Instead of doing the same routine over and over, I tap into my intuition and allow myself to be guided by what feels right. Sometimes conscious thought plays a role like when I know I have something scheduled or planned that I need to flow around. Other times I simply make one decision after the next based on intuition alone.

When I use my intuition I find that my day runs smoother. I do what feels good at the moment. For instance, I like to get some form of exercise on my days off but what form depends on how I’m feeling. If I’m feeling slow, then I’ll go to an afternoon yoga class. If I’m feeling strong, I’ll take HIIT or Barre. If I’m feeling energized, I’ll take an early morning class. So not only am I choosing the type of class but also the time of the class based on my intuition and how my body is feeling.

Daily Decisions

Exercise is one simple example of how to use your intuition on a daily basis. But there are many ways you can use your intuition to guide you each day.

1. What to Wear

Okay, so hopefully you’re wearing clothes most days of the week. So it’s easy to start by using your intuition to guide your clothing choice. Feel into your body, the day head, and the general energy of the day. What would feel best to wear? Feel into what colors to wear, how fancy or casual you feel like being, or whether to wear jewelry or not. When your intuition leads the way you’ll feel great about yourself all day.

2. What to Eat

One of the most important ways to use your intuition is in choosing what to eat. When you allow your intuition to direct your food choices there are palpable results. Your body responds with a big Yes! or a Hell no! Your body talks to you from the moment you open the refrigerator right through your last bite.

As you ponder which foods to add to the menu, think about how it makes you feel. Do you want to feel expansive, light, and bright? Or do you want to feel warm, full, and whole? Different foods evoke different feelings. You may be in need of a light, green salad rather than a heavy, spicy meal. Your choice impacts your energy level which makes food one of the most important intuitive decisions of your day.

3. What to do

Most people work during the week. So if it’s a workday then you’re obviously going to work. But you can use your intuition on small tasks throughout the day like how to schedule calls with clients, meetings, or time on certain projects. As a nurse, I use my intuition to plan my patient care. I feel into what would give me the best flow to achieve the best results in the best time. And I see and care for my patients accordingly.

4. What to Say

Can you imagine what communication would be like if we all created space for guidance with our words rather than spilling out like an overstuffed can of alphabet soup? Intuitive communication allows us to be authentic, genuine, and transparent. The connections we make with each other are clear, light, and real.

When you use your intuition in communication you have to let go of expectations, the need to fill the silence, fear of what others think, and judgment. Presence is the precursor. Be 100% present for the other person and feel into the right words at the right time, which may be far less or far more than you imagined. This form of communication may be uncomfortable but it’s the best kind of uncomfortable.

5. When to Rest

Have you noticed how in the western world, especially in America, there’s a tendency to overwork? Rest is far undervalued as a productivity tool. But it’s my secret weapon. The trick is in figuring out the best time for rest. There’s no better way to do that than to use your intuition. Combine that with information your body provides and you can choose the best days, hours, or minutes for rest.  

What to Feel For

The most important part of using your intuition is knowing the difference between two types of feelings. While the words to describe it may be different for everyone, you want to move in the direction of openness, expansion, and lightness (good feelings) and away from contraction, darkness, and heaviness (bad feelings).

Hold the choices in your mind. Which one feels light? Which one feels heavy? If you’re not used to making decisions like this, then start small. Make only a few decisions each day with this method. Choose something of little consequence like what you eat for lunch.

Final Thoughts

As you work with this method of decision making you’ll develop confidence in yourself and your intuition. Intuitive decision making leads to a magical and flowing life aligned with your highest and best interest. It’s in this place that we can truly be useful human beings and make an impact in our lives and the lives of others.

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Photo by Asaf R on Unsplash