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Change. It’s one of the most challenging parts of being human. Most people wake up every day and do pretty much the same thing. Too afraid to do something different.

If we’re conscious, we bring on change ourselves or at least respond quickly and easily to what life throws our way. Or at least try too…

If we’re consumed by and attached to our lives as they are, then change can be life-shattering.

The impact of change depends on our degree of attachment to how things currently are. And our wherewithal and courage to face the great unknown.

There’s a lot of unknown in change. Will life be as good? Will we still be friends? Will they still love me? Is she going to be as nice? But what if the new person isn’t as lenient? What if don’t know what I’m doing? How will I ever get past the grief? What if it kills me?

The uncertainty will never go away. You have to learn to deal with it. You have to face your fears and know them. Learn their names and befriend them. And then step out in front of change.

Choose to be on the leading edge. Choose the discomfort. While actively choosing the discomfort of change, growth, and transformation may be uncomfortable it’s better than having the rug ripped out from underneath you. And it’s better than being stuck and stagnate in life, leading a dull, lifeless existence.

Changes are occurring for me on what feels like a daily basis. As I dive deeper into my own personal transformation, I can’t help but continue to awaken to all the ways of being and patterns that no longer serve me. And I consciously choose to sit in the fire of change. That super uncomfortable spot that requires courage to withstand. The fire of transmutation. The place in which the new me is seared into my being and dissolves all that no longer serves.

Change is coming. It’s always coming. Whether you choose to actively participate or not. It’s your choice. Today… I choose courage. Courage to face the changes head on and to be an active creator in my life. I choose vulnerability, authenticity, and life itself. Will you join me?


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