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Cycle Awareness Practice

I have SO much energy today. It’s amazing. I give thanks to my cycle. #cycleday15. 

Some of you have heard me talk about my cycle awareness practice and been interested. While others of you have uncomfortably scoffed, “Oh, Paula!”

Yes, oh Paula! I absolutely love it. And I recommend it to ALL the women in my life because it IS life changing. Can you imagine how empowered you would feel if you KNEW when to expect high levels of energy versus low levels? Can imagine how amazing you would feel if you knew that you were more creative and juicy during days 7-15?

Can you imagine how compassionate and loving you would be towards yourself if you knew that premenstrum was your most challenging phase? Would you plan parties, big project launches during that time or lovingly opt-out?  

Maybe you’d schedule your days off so you can bleed in peace at home where you know you’ll be able to rest and nurture yourself through your most uncomfortable phase. How much BETTER would you feel if you could give this to yourself?

You can only give this to yourself if you KNEW when these phases were occurring. That’s where cycle awareness comes into practice. It’s as easy as taking a pen and paper and writing notes at the end of each day. The first day of your cycle is the first day of true, red, flow. On your paper, write: Day 1. And go from there.

Write about your physical symptoms or signs (cramps, headaches, bloating, thin, sexy, glowing), your emotions (anger, sadness, withdrawn, lonely, happy, joyful, playful, excited, frustrated, intolerant, to name only a few), your energy levels, cravings, thoughts, arguments, fears, doubts, visions, insights, inspirations.

Collect this information day-by-day. And then look back SEE how much insight and wisdom you have into who YOU are as a human woman. Then take that knowledge and apply it. Plan, prepare, and give yourself what you need when you need it. 

If you feel triggered by what I’ve shared, then continue reading…

Our Sacred Feminine Wound

There’s a bunch of shit that comes up when talking about the menstrual cycle. Think: societal beliefs and expectations, patterns, trauma, etc. For the last several millennia women have been shamed, banned, judged, blamed, burned, killed, mutilated, chained, tied, tortured, ridiculed, belittled, squashed, trampled, raped emotionally and physically, beaten, humiliated, made wrong, enslaved, and much worse for… BEING A WOMAN.

Remnants of these horrors still exist today. If you think about it, we’re only JUST NOW emerging from this crazy ass shit. And we are ALL carrying these traumas with us. No one person – not even man – is untouched by this deep wound. It’s all of our responsibilities to own what has been done. Look at the pain and horror squarely in the eye and acknowledge it. You may be completely unaware of your part of the wound you carry. Here are some signs that you’re carrying that shit with you…

  • If you fear talking about menstrual cycles
  • If you think menstrual cycles and women’s bodies are (your body is) gross
  • If you’re afraid to be emotional, deep, internal, flowing, feminine
  • If you’re afraid to speak your peace
  • If you can’ stand up for yourself
  • If you hide yourself from others
  • If you are overly passive
  • If you judge other women
  • If you expect other women and yourself to look a certain way
  • If you put women down in any way overt or otherwise
  • If you are unwilling to even be open to acknowledge your own role in this tragedy
  • If you blame your cycle, as though it were a problem
  • If you’re a man and you belittle, avoid, or are grossed out by a woman’s cycle
  • If you belief women are in any way less than man
  • If you believe a woman’s role is to be submissive

And then so much more. But hopefully, you get the idea.

Most of what we modern people experience is subtle. It emerges in our patterns and behaviors that we’ve collected from society, our families, and brought with us into this lifetime. It takes an honest, open approach to see these dynamics at play and deep level of self-awareness. But to get started all you gotta do is notice your instant reactions to women, especially women standing in their power and talking about all things related to women.

Let’s get real. Women are humans. And we are so much more. We carry the gift of life. We birth whole universes unto themselves. You’re welcome. We deserve great respect. Our cycles deserve reflection, contemplation, consideration, and respect as well.

I honor everyone and where they are at in their personal evolution. This is where I’m at. I’m at a point where I’m ready to own and claim my personal; my woman power. And I’m interested in helping others do the same. If this isn’t your schtick then move on, now. All others who resonate, you are welcome!


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