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Why Am I Here?

When I contemplate this question it connects me to a deeper current. It doesn’t matter that there are days, weeks, or even months in which I feel deeply on purpose. There are always times in which this contemplation gets me closer to home a little more than before.

When I contemplate this question I feel my energy draw inwards toward the center of my being. I feel the natural world embrace me. I feel the inorganic, man-made structures fall away from my body and mind.

The Systems We’ve Created

We’ve created this world, you know. This one in which we strive to be the most successful, the most famous, the most wealthy, the smartest, the most talented, the most beautiful, the most everything. We’ve created this world where we have to have more than everyone else. Where some are better than others. Where a hierarchy exists. A world in which nature is overlooked as we tear down her jungles and pollute her waters.

We’ve created these systems: the 9–5, the retirement plans, the large homes that isolate us from others, belief systems that make all others wrong, clothes, toys and things to distract us, and fear. Fear of everything.

Inside these systems people suffer. They lose touch with what’s real. The Truth of Life. They begin to think there’s no other way. They believe they’ll be lonely forever. They believe they are alone. People feel disconnected and separate from everything (from nature). And they lack a sense of belonging.

There’s no belonging to be found with these systems. Because it’s always you against them. It’s always she’s better, I’m better, he’s more fit, she’s ugly, I can’t, he won’t. If you’re in these systems, then you pretty much know how it’s going to go.

Here’s a hint if you’re unsure… You’re born. You’re raised. You go off to college or enter the workforce. You work. You marry. You have children. You vacation, maybe. You celebrate all holidays as dictated. You buy things. You buy more things. You advance your career. You retire. You travel, maybe. You volunteer, maybe. You die.

Is this frightening to you the way it is for me? We’re currently waking up out of this system. And we’re waking up within it. We’re asking the big questions: what’s my purpose? Why am I here? What’s the meaning of life?

Maybe we wake up and transform the system. And yet, surely there’s more to life than checking off all the aforementioned boxes. And there is. There’s so much more to life. If we’re daring, courageous, and bold enough to open our eyes and hearts and dive deep within ourselves, then we can connect with that deeper meaning and truth. We can meet our Truest Selves, embrace the gift that only we can offer the world, and step onto our Truest Path.

The Shakedown We All Need

When you contemplate this question, “Why am I here?” it stirs up all kinds of shit. You ignite an awakening force within yourself that begins to shake the bedrock of your foundation. Things get unsteady. A new lens forms from which you can deeply question all aspects of your life.

In this deep place of questioning, a twinkle and a glimmer of Truth creeps forward. Slowly at first. It begins to illuminate your mind, your body, your home, your friends, your loved ones, and your career. Everything. It begs you to draw everything in and hold it to the light of your own being.

And it asks, does this work? Is this aligned? Are we a good fit? Am I in the right place? What works stays. All else begins to fall away. The job, the partner, the friends, the house, the diet, the thoughts and beliefs, and the emotions. Everything that’s not up to snuff vacates.

Space is created. And life rushes in to fill the void. A new you.

It can feely rocky and hard, confusing and difficult, frustrating and sad, lonely and isolating. It can also feel joyful and happy, rewarding and nourishing, delightful and playful. Some are not prepared for this. Some will never reach this place in this lifetime. Many others will… And it’s not a path that has to be walked alone.

Together We Contemplate

There is a greater meaning in life. And we can find that greater meaning together. While the journey you take is Souly Yours, you need not journey alone. I am here and on this path with you.

When you contemplate this question, “Why am I here?” there’s nothing you need to do. There’s no need to change anything about your life. Merely contemplate this question, even if only a few minutes, and you’ll inspire a deep connection within yourself. And sooner or later, things will begin to shift.

If you feel at all stuck or stagnate, then spend five minutes each morning in silence with this question. No need for an answer. No need for action. Merely be with this question. Be present for what comes alive within you. And be ready for your life to change.