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Nature: The Ultimate Space Holder for Self-Understanding

I set an intention a couple of months ago to deepen my connection with nature. And then I forgot about it.

Nonetheless, the power of intention has driven me to seek out nature opportunities left and right, far more than anytime before.

What I find in my connection with nature is a deep peacefulness. When I enter a wooded area, look out over a vast field into the horizon, or bury myself behind leaves I feel tension escape my body. My mind quiets and a channel for higher wisdom and inspiration opens. My entire energy field is purified. And I feel like myself again.

It’s easy in today’s world to get lost in modernity. It’s how things are. Constant connection to electronics keeps us plugged into streams of information not wholly (or hardly) our own.

We are in constant reception of media and stories of life according to the world out there. Even if you’ve slowed or stopped your social media use, you’re still influenced by TV, radio, and advertisements on billboards and signs. And let’s not forget the pervasive layer of expectation inherent in workplaces, schools, churches and other community centers. All of which influences how you show up (for good or bad).

We pick these things up as we move through life. Stories about how our lives should look, what we should be doing with our time, and how we are to behave. It happens unconsciously. Our brains are wired for story. And if all we do is watch TV then those are the stories our brains collect and project onto life. Our lives become that.

If we never break away from the constant stream of news, TV, and social media updates, or even our obsession with work, school, or kids, then we won’t ever know if what we’re doing in life is actually our own.

To hear the Still Small Voice there must first be stillness. Then there must be a release of all that’s not ours. Like expectations to go to school, work 9–5, have kids, get married, own a house, like asparagus, wear pink, or be social.

Every day we are bombarded with stories and expectations. While some things may be for us, a lot of it isn’t. And you can’t possibly know yourself from all the rest if there’s never a break. I’ll even venture to say that it’s necessary to break frequently and often, to always be reevaluating and reassessing, and to cleanse ourselves of what’s not our own.

Nature provides the perfect space for that. She even does some of the work for you by offering fresh air, sunshine, color baths, and firm, rooted trees to lean against.

In this spaciousness, away from all the stuff, you can learn to hear the Truth within yourself; the story of the life you are called to live.

So if you ever feel stuck, stagnate, confused, or even angry, let nature show you the way. Take a break from the world. Go soberly into the woods or roll in a field of green grass or sit on a beach. Let go of all the things so life can show you the way. One small step at a time.