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When the rock bends the road

and the tall grasses reach to meet it

Eons in time spill across space

whose dark edge sinks to meet the horizon,

whose stars and moons cast a light

and deep shadows that go unnoticed this time.

It’s the splattering of pebbles and stones

that crumble beneath your aching feet

that speak words hushed by Soul.

Who embodies each wind,

the wisp of each blade of grass,

the glint of light refracting from one

corner to another.

And yet, your heart sinks heavy

your breath sighing and reaching up

with a gasp to clear the air above your head

because your mind feels better

when thoughts fly clean

No need for lingering thoughts unless of

love, hope, and possibilities.

Each of these is welcome here.

Send the others on down past the edge of the road,

carry them away in the night sky

on the back of the eagle

who keeps you high

at the edge of perceived reality

where sight beyond your eyes

orients you to timelessness and

higher realms.

Teachers, masters, and loved ones

outstretch a guiding hand

as planted feet draw you back to earth.

You bend to feel the dusty road

You smell the open air

The warmth of the ground meets

the crisp edge of wind gliding along its surface.


It shelters the soul.