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At the top I see
out across the landscape,
a scene obscured.

Deep clouds fog the view
and yet – I know
that great expanse.

The endless horizon
of my consciousness,
infinite and unknown.

I breathe in with great pause.
In my chest I feel the rest
as I settle in my bones.

Light pours out in speckles
and in chunks, to guide
the way for my feet back home.

I look down and all around
to understand exactly
what I’ve found.

The lightness in me
above me
below me
in front of me
in back of me
to either side
and on me.

It scoops me up
in a great shuffle
like the swoop of an eagle.

My spirit lifts to greater
heights as I snuggle
in, to the core of who I am.

No, my logical mind
can’t quite articulate
the deep shifts.

Rather, it all unfolds
in images and visions
with a future still unknown.

Can’t and won’t begin
to articulate what
Soul wants to keep, for now.

Except through words
that wind and twist
and braid the two as one.

Heart and mind can come
together in countless,
immeasurable ways.

Through language
that flowers and pours
like May showers, or
a mudslide’s great power, or
the ticking of sand’s hour.

What can be woven
and weaved allows
for the great untangling.

Clarity can be born
where words gather magic
and stardust.

And Soul sings in
images embodied
and breathed.

Feel me now
in these words and

Know my path,
my heart,
my place.

Settled here atop
this mountain
with one foot that dangles.

Small rocks tumble
into the deep,

I hear the silence
and feel the emptiness
as I breathe.

One more breath
as I say yes to this next
great expanse.

Photo by Scott Webb